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Our Guarantees

5 Written Guarantees

Ready for the best carpet-cleaning experience, with absolutely zero risk to you?

Before you hire another cleaner, ask if they’ll guarantee their work like this with a written copy signed by the owner.

Our unbeatable guarantees include

1. The Ultimate Organic Cleaning Experience

Our cleaning is the ultimate organic cleaning experience. If you don’t agree, we’ll refund your money.

2. No Spots Will Return & Your Carpet Will Not Re-soil Rapidly

Some stains are permanent. But if we can get the spot out, it will not return. Our cleaning is designed to give you the longest lasting clean possible. No spots will come back. Traffic lanes will not return. If a spot or traffic lane is going to come back, it will show in a few days. So, we give you a full 30 days to call, and we will clean them again for free and make sure they stay out.

3. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, Risk Free

If there is anything you are not quite pleased with, please call. We are committed to making it right for you. If for any reason you still are not completely satisfied, we will refund all your money.

4. 7-Day, Bullet-Proof Guarantee

If any catastrophe happens to your carpet within the first week after we clean it, don’t worry! We will come back and touch it up for you at no charge.

5. No Permanent Stains for a Year

Our Teflon protector works very well. If we apply it to your carpet, we warrantee you won’t have any permanent stains for the next year. This means that if you spill something on your carpet and spot cleaner can’t remove it, just call! We will remove the spot for free. And if for some reason the spot is too stubborn for us to remove, we will refund all your money for the Teflon protector.

If you don’t try to remove the spot yourself or if we test your spot cleaner and find the spot comes off easily, we will charge a minimum service call for removing the spot. In reality, we know that bleaching agents, dyes, and pet stains can damage the carpet permanently even though it was protected.

Teflon also helps by retarding soiling of your carpet and upholstery. Plus, carpets that have been protected last longer and clean up better than carpets that have not been protected. This means that protectant can help lower your cleaning bill and prolong the beauty and life of your carpet.

However, your carpet will eventually get soiled even with the finest protectant. The speed of re-soiling varies greatly between households. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that your carpet will not get dirty, just that it will not get any permanent, un-removable stains.

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“Thank you so much for your expert and fast care of our carpets. You had a bad spot in the master bedroom to deal with. As you said it would be, it was gone when you were done. It was very nice to have someone that knows what they are doing and does it well. Thanks again for your help and expert care.”

DeVona - Duvall, Washington

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