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Our Difference

Our Difference

Why choose us?

Attention Seattle area home owners: All carpet cleaners are not alike! There are 5 things carpet cleaners do that drive everybody crazy... and this is how Complete Carpet Care solves them.

1. Use of Pushy Sales Tactics - Many cleaners put pressure on you to buy more services once they are in your home.

We Let You Decide What You Would Like Done – No Pressure

2. They’ll Nickel & Dime You
- Most cleaners charge extra for spot treatment, pre-conditioning or deep cleaning.  The next thing you know, your job costs three times what you were quoted.

Everything Needed to Make Your Carpet Beautiful is Included in Our Quote – No Surprises

3. Reappearing Stains
- Some cleaners can make the carpet “look” good… until it dries, stains reappear that you thought were gone.

One of the 5 Written Guarantees We Give Before Each Job is That No Spots Will Reappear – Even Berber Carpet

4. Use of Cancer Causing Chemicals
- Most cleaners use harsh chemicals that contain known carcinogens and are bad for the environment.  Inevitably some of that residue is left Behind in your carpet.

We Use 100% Organic Steam Cleaning Products That Clean Just as Well and Are Completely Safe for Your Family and Pets

5. No Real Guarantees
- Other cleaners offer a concrete guarantee, it’s guaranteed until they leave your concrete driveway.

We Provide a Written, Signed by The Owner Copy of Our 5 Guarantees Before Each Job – They Are...

  1. The Ultimate Organic Cleaning Experience
  2. No spots will return
  3. 100% satisfaction
  4. Free follow up spot cleaning for 7 days
  5. When protected, no permanent stains for one year

Before you hire another cleaner, ask if they will guarantee their work like this in writing.

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“My 2 teenage nephews came to visit for 2 weeks. Teenagers eat a huge amount! I couldn’t believe it! Well, they spilled something dark (Ihave no idea what it was) on my area rug under the table. It was such a dark spot, I was afraid to attempt to wash it. I called Complete Carpet Care. Jonathan not only got the stain out, the rug looks like new. No kidding!”

Janine - Redmond, Washington

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